Reach Leadership Program for Girls

Reach. Empower. Educate. Enhance. Expose. 


Transforming girls lives one at a time.


Confidence and Empowerment Programs

Reach offers confidence confidence and empowerment programs through age appropriate activities.


‘Within Reach’

Our programs result in the increase of confidence, courage, educational and personal development.


Girl centered group-mentoring

Girls become sisters and learn together to be future leaders. Our program enhances lives forever.


Educational and empowerment programs for girls.

We strive to enhance the girls lives through enrichment programs, products, workshops, and events that serve and inspire individual advancement.


Today’s mentored.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

All programs help to improve girls self-esteem and confidence.


Dedicated to lead.

Our target audience is girls ages 5 - 17 with a willingness to succeed academically, embrace accountability, to develop using the tools obtained through Reach and become successful, professional women.