Our mission

Reach. Empower. Educate. Enhance. Expose.


Established in 2009 Reach Leadership Program for Girls mission has been to Empower girls to make positive choices, informed decisions as they aspire towards their personal goals and dreams. To Educate by imparting knowledge, challenging the norms as we continuously show girls the talents and gifts within them. To Expose girls to culture and to live beyond their comfort zone.

Reach Leadership Program for Girls has been able to Empower, Educate, Enhance, and Expose by providing year-round mentoring, enriching activities, training programs, and engaging workshops that are informative and interactive.

Reach that builds self-esteem, promotes abstinence, discourages bullying, encourages and modules healthy peer relationships, college preparation (college tours), anger management and best practices for conflict resolution.

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Barbra Ellzey
CEO & Founder of Reach Leadership Program for Girls